hello I guess?

I’m gonna blog all my entitled fucking opinions here so deal with it. It’s cool to argue in comments or whatever I don’t really know how a blog works this is more of an outpouring of vitriol than anything so if you like that I guess cool

But basically this is free therapy for me and I expect nothing productive to come of it

How’s your day going? Mine is fine. It was my dad’s birthday and I got to talk to him on a weird device called a telephone that enabled me to hear his voice while he was physically far away

What a crazy science world we live in guys

But that was cool because I haven’t seen him in a long time and I miss him and him and my stepmom and stepbro are going through some ruff stuff and I wish I could be there or support him somehow but I can’t

I guess if I can keep my own shit together that’s how I can support my family

Congratulations I’m not asking for money!  Yay A+++++ would parent again

Also I always want to type “congradulations” why is that. I think Hallmark has made my brain go “congratulations = graduate” or some weird ass shit

Sorry, AP English teachers. I have failed you

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