opinions about: lucasarts RIP

I might make this a bigger post later but right now I am mad. And sad. Legitimately

Maniac Mansion was one of my favorite games ever growing up and the fact that you could play as a girl who starts her own band or a girl who writes a best-selling book was extremely formative for me, I think

I used to really love Disney and I still like their old stuff, I like some of the stuff coming out of Pixar, I loved Wreck It Ralph (I have a toy Vanellope Von Schweetz with awesome candy car on my desktop, I’m an adult) but Disney-as-a-corporation has slowly been alienating me over the years

I think the first major bummer was when they axed their traditional animation department. I watched a documentary on the making of Sleeping Beauty (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Od2Qo__xk) and it was fucking amazing the amount of care and detail put into the animation for that film. I mean they couldn’t even repeat the process because it cost too much but even a percentage of that would be fucking unbelievable. The care that was once invested into this art to make it live and breathe and now they throw it all away

They could have done some amazing shit with LucasArts properties with some old-school animators providing art assets for a bad-ass adventure game it could have been SO GOOD but no one thinks about that anymore, no company looks for the long-term shit, it’s all short-term what’s profitable NOW and what can we shutter to save us some buxxxxxx

Maybe I’m super wrong about all this and it would make me happy if I was I guess but fuck

On a Sleeping Beauty-related note have you ever seen the Eyvind Earle paintings where he tries to paint some of the characters in? It’s bizarrely heartening to me that when he tries to paint Maleficent (also on my desktop) she comes out looking pretty bad, because his backgrounds are SO GODDAMN AMAZING I just want to get high on some drug and look at ’em

So like it’s cool how you can be fucking amazing at one aspect of illustration and then not as good at others it makes me feel like maybe I can still get into something I don’t know

The Benadryl might be kicking in

Here’s Vanellope and Maleficent with bonus Perler bead Celes:


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