opinions about: dragon’s crown/the sorceress debacle

So first I guess full disclosure: Yes, I like boobs. Now that we’ve got that out of the way:

The Internet is pretty upset about this hyper-sexualized lady in a video game. For me it feels like just one more instance in a long line of ’em, and I guess having gigantic boobs all out of proportion to the rest of your body type is maybe the most egregious and noticeable way to be objectified, but I don’t know that it is necessarily the worst

Honestly, I kind of like that she has a bigger anatomy, though I desperately wish the artist had chosen to make the rest of the body in the same vein. Somewhere on the internet I saw someone making the argument that this particular artist designs all of his sorceress type characters to look like fertility goddesses, with a photo of Artemis of Ephesus and stuff like that to back up the claim

Which would honestly be hella rad if this were actually the case. I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but if it is, a good first step would be giving her the overall build of a fertility goddess and not just the tits of one

Something like this:


Yes, back in the day, big ol’ boobies were representative of fertility, but so were big ol’ hips and a big ol’ belly. I think I would like the Sorceress’ design a whole lot more if it were more in that style: curvy everywhere, not just in the mammary area

N-E-wayz, is this objectification? Yeah, I suppose it is, but ultimately for me it depends on what her character ends up being like before I want to make any final call on it. Does she just bend over and flutter her lashes every time she gets into any trouble? Is she a total airhead with no redeeming qualities whatsoever?

I mean, she’s a sorceress, so I’m hoping she ends up planting that staff in the ground and letting some fucking lightning fly, summoning demons from hell and using her sheer ferocious willpower to cause them to lay low her foes, and flattening an entire battlefield while the big burly sword dude is still trying to get it out of his scabbard

What I’m hoping she doesn’t do is look to burly sword dude for permission every time she thinks about casting a spell or having an opinion

Which brings me to the type of objectification I really hate: Other M

I didn’t play it. I watched ~mai boifrendo~ play it, and then listened to his opinions/breakdown of the game, and I’m sure they significantly color my own, but I think what he thinks is pretty legit:

In Other M you have Samus Aran, bounty hunter, who was like, the original symbol of gender equality in video games. You play Metroid, you assume you’re a dude cause you can’t tell. There are no visible indicators of gender – no boobage, no dickage, just a badass space suit with fucking missiles. You beat the game and you might STILL think “Metroid” is a dude because you only find out Samus is a lady if you beat the game within a certain time limit

And initially I think this was probably a way to try to work fan service into an 8-bit game, I’m not gonna deny it, but when I was a wee li’l girl I thought it was the MOST AMAZING THING EVER, because here was this badass lady space hunter who did not expect any special treatment or even bring up her gender. She was just, no-questions-about-it, as good as any space bounty hunter with a dick

Anyway in Other M this whole personality just vanishes and the game revolves around a gameplay mechanic that is essentially you have to ASK PERMISSION from your superior (who is, surprise, a man, but I don’t think giving him a vagina instead of a penis would have made it any better) to use abilities in your suit. You literally have to go through an area of the game with fucking fire or poison or something KILLING YOU and then, when you get to the boss and ONLY WHEN YOU GET TO THE BOSS, does this misogynist fuck give you permission to use the suit to not fucking die

Anyways I’m bitter about it but to me, THAT is fucking objectification. What you look like shouldn’t matter. Should we judge people on the street for having breasts that are too big or wearing whatever the fuck they want? Fuck no. Fuck our nudity taboos let’s get over this shit people WE ALL HAVE BODY PARTS.

So I guess what I’m saying is stop slut-shaming you fuckers and let’s get past the objectification of appearance and move on to giving female characters the ability to think for themselves and be rad no matter what they look like

(that waistline is highly unlikely tho)


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