opinions about: john carpenter’s thing

Yes I’m aware that the title of the movie is “The Thing,” it’s a dick joke

Anyway I’m awake at 3:36AM because ovarian cysts are fucking painful as shit and these meds are just making me nauseous so of course I’m watching this movie, right?

Here’s my tier list for actors in John Carpenter’s The Thing (in order of good acting-ness)

1. The Dog that Came from the Norwegian Camp

2. Kurt Russell

3. Keith David

4. Wilford Brimley

5. The Guy Who Takes Care of the Dogs

6. Roller Skates Man

7. Marijuana Dude

8. Everyone else

So I guess that’s conclusive then

PS do not look directly at John Carpenter’s Thing when you are nauseous

Edited to add: MACREADY’S HAT THO

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