opinions about: hot button news items

this is a “facebook makes my head explode” venting zone

– any two consenting human beings of age should be able to legally marry and enjoy any legal benefits that entails

– if a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy that is her decision and she should be supported with the best possible medical care. I understand the pain this might put a father through but I’m sorry, you are not bearing the child, it is not your body, and if you wanted children maybe you two should have had a Serious Conversation in which you were honest with each other. If you want a baby, have sex with a woman who wants a baby, or consider adoption. maybe talk to your sexual partners about this before you get freaky

– everyone should be able to vote. If the government wants to require Driver’s Licenses or Passports to vote, these should be provided to people at no cost. maybe take a couple bucks from the horrifically bloated and unjustifiable defense budget

– RIP Nelson Mandela and Richard Matheson 😦

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