If you don’t know me in the real life you don’t care about this, move along


11:30 AM Main Theater PA Q&A
1 PM Main Theater Rooster Teeth
1 PM Wolfman The Making of: Nintendo NES Games
3 PM Console Tourney SSF4:AE
6 PM Console Tourney Monaco
8:30 PM Main Theater Friday Night Concerts


10:30 AM Main Theater PA Make-A-Strip
1 PM Console Tourney KoF 13
1:30 PM Kraken FGC Panel
5 PM Console Tourney UMVC3
8 PM Pegasus Giant Bomb
8:30 PM Main Saturday Night Concerts


10:30 AM PA Q&A 2
4:30 PM Kraken Twitch.tv Panel
6 PM Console Tourney P4A
6:30 PM Unicorn Video Game Music Trivia
8:30 PM Main Sunday Night Concerts
9:30 PM Kraken Cards Against Humanity
10 PM Console Tourney Divekick


12 PM Kraken Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
12 PM Main Gabe & Tycho interviewed by Khoo
5:30 PM Main Omegathon Final Round

These are places you might find me during PAX. Nothing is for-sure except the Omegathon Final Round. Probably I will mostly be playing Hotline Miami 2.

**IF YOU TEXT ME AND I DON’T REPLY I probably can’t feel my phone vibrating against my butt so text me again if you really want my attention**


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