crunchyroll is going to ruin my life

I got some more pain in my ladyparts and had to go to the doctor again for more hormones, hurray! So while I wait for those fuckers to kick in I’ve been watching anime


People keep talking about Attack on Titan and I was like I should watch this shit because people are saying it’s super violent and I am big into super violent, so let’s do this. So I decided to give crunchyroll a try and it’s working out pretty good – although I can’t fucking stream a 1080 video while my boyfriend plays Dota, fuck you Comcast – I watched Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin or whatever you want to call it up to episode 22, and I want to know who the fuck is in that female titan goddamnit, then the boyfriend and I watched Madoka. Subprime Kyubei was quite a thing. I don’t know how I feel about the ending – it has an “I wish for more wishes” feel – but my take on it is that the girl with the time magic managed to protect Madoka long enough that she could see that the system was completely fucked up and the only way to do any good was to change the system itself. It was definitely nice to see a new take on magical girls, even though I came to it pretty late. After Madoka I watched all of Time of Eve/Eve no Jikan, which I started to watch when it aired originally but the episodes were so far apart and weird that I lost track and then stopped watching anime for a while and ANYWAY, it’s a cute little show about human/android/robot interaction even though there wasn’t any real resolution. I’d like to see more stuff in that universe for sure. The weird 3d thing they were doing with the environments was probably the least off-putting 3d I have seen in an anime to date, so good job there. Now I’m watching Ozma and I love everything Leijiverse so I’ll probably enjoy this. The women in the support stations of the enemy ship are kind of weird – something is very strange about their faces, like they’re trying to make them not look like Maetel-clones but don’t quite know how to do it. I appreciate the obvious effort to move away from “every woman looks like Maetel,” though; as much as I love Maetel it’s cool to have some variance in the women’s faces as well as the men’s.

tl:dr; I made an account on crunchyroll and I CANT STOP WATCHING ANIME SEND HELP

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