Dark Souls III for Valentine’s Day

I took my SO out for sushi yesterday for V-Day and while we were eating I asked, “If you could pick one game that you want me to play, what would it be?”

“Dark Souls III,” he immediately replied, causing me to win the internal bet with myself.

So after we got home and I spent some time decompressing and drawing, I did the thing.

I made a Knight because I like to be beefy and able to take hits and also because I am so fuckin afraid of Souls games. It took me a while to start to get a feel for the controls – I am constantly wanting to hit square to attack, for instance, which results in hilarious instances of me walking up to an enemy and drinking Estus right in their face. Jumping is pretty awkward, although the mechanic isn’t used too often, and I don’t keep track of my stamina like I ought to. I’ve played too much Dynasty Warriors, I guess.

Despite a rough start (“You have to do the thing.” “I’M TRYING TO DO THE THING”)  I got through the tutorial boss and chugged my way through. I beat the first boss, who honestly felt kind of easy once I had a run without making a stupid mistake. I farmed up some souls on knights – at one point I got two consecutive backstabs, yelling “SUCK IT” at the television. Grinding a bit helped me get more of a handle on the mechanics, probably. I took an elevator down and a doggo followed me and pushed me off the elevator. A bunch of skinny ladies flew me over to the Undead Settlement, where I tried to save the caravan from the doggos and had the gate close on me as a result (I saved one of them).

Once I learned to leave my pity behind like a shed skin and let the caravaners get doggo’ed, I got into the Settlement. My first encounter with the Big Fiery Hugging Aunt was super easy but I decided to go back, level up, show Greirat Loretta’s Bone, and then come back. Then I got hugged to death. So I came back. And got hugged to death. And got hugged to death. Finally I grabbed my souls and ran back, leveled up, came back… and got hugged to death. So that was where I stopped for the night.

Honestly it was more entertaining than I expected. It’s definitely frustrating, but that isn’t news. I mash too much and I have to get out of that habit,  but when I can keep my cool the movement is pretty satisfying. It’s easier to get used to than Bloodborne, which murders you straight out of the cradle. Maybe I’ll be able to develop the muscle memory with DSIII and then go back to BB and play it better, cause I’d love to play more of it, but I’m real bad.

tl;dr: Are you intimidated by Dark Souls? Give it a try, and give yourself some time to get used to the mechanics. It’s actually… enjoyable?

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