Success and Green Hair

I went to work and it went well. All I got were welcome backs and some we missed yous. And I really did miss my work fam. They make me laugh.

I was nervous because while I was on LOA and immensely depressed and wanting to harm myself, I did a Nice Thing for myself and went and got my hair professionally colored. I’ve always wanted to do a Fun Color so I picked this bluey-tealy shade and I really like it. Problem is, our dress code at work says no “non-natural hair colors.”

Nobody said anything. I could feel my boss’ boss ignoring it really hard. I’m still a little worried that my boss’ boss’ boss will fly in to town and have a fit, but here’s the thing: I think the rule is wrong. It’s outdated and predicated on an obsolete model of “professional.” So I’m prepared (if excruciatingly nervous) to defend it if I need to. If they want to fire me over it, then I will find a job where somebody cares about what I bring to the table more than they care about an arbitrary rule about color. Maybe I can succeed in getting them to change the rule. Who knows.

I think an important part of mental health is a good sense of self, and for me, green hair (or blue depending on who you ask) is a part of that sense of self. My sidecut/undercut is part of that sense of self. If they really want us to be happy and healthy at work, they should be interested in supporting that. I’m not doing anything that presents a danger to myself or to other team members.

I guess what I’m saying here is: FITE ME.

I even managed to do a sketch card tonight. I was thinking about not doing one, but I did it. I think it helps to know what the subject is going to be beforehand. Then you know you’re not going to sit at your desk for 57 hours waiting for inspiration to strike.

I have not gone back to Dark Souls today, though. That is Too Much Stress when I’m trying to build myself up to go back to work tomorrow (although getting past the initial hump was probably The Worst.)

Here, for the curious, is the green and/or blue hair in question (bad lighting on a webcam, sorry):


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