Werk werk werk (werk werk werk)

Sorry, Rihanna.

My first Monday back at work – it was less trouble to get going than I anticipated, which was a blessing. Hopefully tomorrow morning continues the trend.

When I got there things were a bit crazy – one of my guys was overloaded and sick and really needed to go home – so I just waded into it and started doing things. I suspect that’s the best way to handle a mess in the moment; the key is remembering the origin of the mess and taking care of THAT later on.

It astounds me how much design work people expect for free; the perception that “you can just change that in the computer,” “it will only take you a second,” whatever. Here’s the thing: people go to school to learn how to do those things, and we certainly do not pay our people enough to justify that shit. Designers ought to be earning much more for the design by itself, let alone doing the work of having the job printed and finished.

It irks me because we’re willing to help out when others need it – we always give things “a shot” and because I work with some smart fucking people, we generally figure it out. But then we’ve figured it out once, so it becomes a thing that we do again, and again, and for other customers, and eventually all of our time becomes eaten by custom projects instead of keeping work rolling in evenly like we ought to. In a very real way, we become punished for our willingness and ability to help.

Maybe what I need to do is just take it on myself to do what I’d like to see, which is to acknowledge the person who figured it out and say, hey, it’s awesome that you did this, can I cover your regular work for a bit so you can document the process, so that we can do it again in the future?

It doesn’t always work. Some folks seem stuck in crisis mode and I’m not sure how to subvert that. But I guess all you can do is try.

On another note, here’s a joke for you: Microsoft Exchange. Amirite? lolololol

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